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#include <lighttpd/settings.h>
#include <lighttpd/mempool.h>
typedef struct liBuffer liBuffer;
struct liBuffer {
gchar *addr;
gsize alloc_size;
gsize used;
gint refcount;
liMempoolPtr mptr;
/* shared buffer; free memory after last reference is released */
/** create new buffer: optimized for short-term buffers which will be released soon, uses mempool */
LI_API liBuffer* li_buffer_new(gsize max_size);
/** create new buffer; optimized for long-term buffers, uses g_slice_alloc */
LI_API liBuffer* li_buffer_new_slice(gsize max_size);
LI_API void li_buffer_acquire(liBuffer *buf);
LI_API void li_buffer_release(liBuffer *buf);