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#include <lighttpd/idlist.h>
#include <lighttpd/events.h>
#define ANGEL_CALL_MAX_STR_LEN (64*1024) /* must fit into a gint32 */
typedef struct liAngelConnection liAngelConnection;
typedef struct liAngelCall liAngelCall;
/* error, data and fds-array will be freed/closed by the angel api itself; if you want to use the fds set the array size to 0 */
typedef void (*liAngelCallCB)(gpointer ctx, gboolean timeout, GString *error, GString *data, GArray *fds);
typedef void (*liAngelReceiveCallCB)(liAngelConnection *acon,
const gchar *mod, gsize mod_len, const gchar *action, gsize action_len,
gint32 id,
GString *data);
/* gets called after read/write errors */
typedef void (*liAngelCloseCB)(liAngelConnection *acon, GError *err);
struct liAngelConnection {
gpointer data;
GMutex *mutex;
int fd;
liIDList *call_id_list;
GPtrArray *call_table;
liEventIO fd_watcher;
liEventAsync out_notify_watcher;
GQueue *out;
liAngelBuffer in;
liAngelReceiveCallCB recv_call;
liAngelCloseCB close_cb;
/* parse input */
struct {
gboolean have_header;
gint32 type, id;
gint32 mod_len, action_len, error_len, data_len, missing_fds;
guint body_size;
GString *mod, *action, *error, *data;
GArray *fds;
} parse;
/* with multi-threading you should protect the structure
* containing the angel_call with a lock
struct liAngelCall {
gpointer context;
liAngelCallCB callback;
/* internal data */
gint32 id; /* id is -1 if there is no call pending (the callback may still be running) */
liAngelConnection *acon;
liEventTimer timeout_watcher;
liEventAsync result_watcher;
struct {
GString *error, *data;
GArray *fds;
} result;
/* error handling */
#define LI_ANGEL_CALL_ERROR li_angel_call_error_quark()
LI_API GQuark li_angel_call_error_quark(void);
#define LI_ANGEL_CONNECTION_ERROR li_angel_connection_error_quark()
LI_API GQuark li_angel_connection_error_quark(void);
typedef enum {
LI_ANGEL_CALL_ALREADY_RUNNING, /* the angel_call struct is already in use for a call */
LI_ANGEL_CALL_OUT_OF_CALL_IDS, /* too many calls already pending */
LI_ANGEL_CALL_INVALID /* invalid params */
} liAngelCallError;
typedef enum {
LI_ANGEL_CONNECTION_CLOSED, /* error on socket */
LI_ANGEL_CONNECTION_RESET, /* connection closed by remote side */
LI_ANGEL_CONNECTION_INVALID_DATA /* invalid data from stream */
} liAngelConnectionError;
/* create connection */
LI_API liAngelConnection* li_angel_connection_new(
liEventLoop *loop, int fd, gpointer data,
liAngelReceiveCallCB recv_call, liAngelCloseCB close_cb);
LI_API void li_angel_connection_free(liAngelConnection *acon);
LI_API liAngelCall *li_angel_call_new(liEventLoop *loop, liAngelCallCB callback, li_tstamp timeout);
/* returns TRUE if a call was cancelled; make sure you don't call free while you're calling send_call */
LI_API gboolean li_angel_call_free(liAngelCall *call);
/* calls */
/* the GString* parameters get stolen by the angel call (moved to chunkqueue) */
LI_API gboolean li_angel_send_simple_call(
liAngelConnection *acon,
const gchar *mod, gsize mod_len, const gchar *action, gsize action_len,
GString *data,
GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_send_call(
liAngelConnection *acon,
const gchar *mod, gsize mod_len, const gchar *action, gsize action_len,
liAngelCall *call,
GString *data,
GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_send_result(
liAngelConnection *acon,
gint32 id,
GString *error, GString *data, GArray *fds,
GError **err);
/* free temporary needed memroy; call this once in while after some activity */
LI_API void li_angel_cleanup_tables(liAngelConnection *acon);
/* Usage */
#if 0
void init(void) {
/* ... init ctx... */
ctx->call.context = ctx;
ctx->call.callback = my_callback;
gboolean start_call(curctx) {
GError *err = NULL;
GString *data;
ctx = get_ctx();
/* another thread may have already called angel, depending on the task (e.g. fastcgi spawn) */
if (!angel_call_is_needed(ctx)) {
return TRUE;
data = build_call_data();
if (!li_angel_send_call(acon, CONST_STR_LEN("mymod"), CONST_STR_LEN("myaction"), &ctx->call, 10, data, &err)) {
return FALSE;
/* add current context (e.g. vrequest) to a wakeup list */
push_to_queue(ctx->waitqueue, curctx);
return TRUE; /* at this point the callback may be already finished */
void my_callback(angel_call *acall, gboolean timeout, GString *error, GString *data, GArray *fds) {
/* ... */
if (error) g_string_free(error, TRUE);
if (data) g_string_free(error, TRUE);
/* destroy fd-array? */
void stop_call(void) {
ctx = get_ctx();
if (!angel_cancel_call(acon, ctx)) {
/* callback either is already done or just to be called */
/* do _not_ destroy the context */