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typedef void (*liAngelListenCB)(liServer *srv, int fd, gpointer data);
typedef void (*liAngelLogOpen)(liServer *srv, int fd, gpointer data);
/* interface to the angel; implementation needs to work without angel too */
LI_API void li_angel_setup(liServer *srv);
/* listen to a socket (mainloop context) */
LI_API void li_angel_listen(liServer *srv, GString *str, liAngelListenCB cb, gpointer data);
/* send log messages during startup to angel, frees the string */
LI_API void li_angel_log(liServer *srv, GString *str);
LI_API void li_angel_log_open_file(liServer *srv, liEventLoop *loop, GString *filename, liAngelLogOpen, gpointer data);
/* angle_fake definitions, only for internal use */
int li_angel_fake_listen(liServer *srv, GString *str);
gboolean li_angel_fake_log(liServer *srv, GString *str);
int li_angel_fake_log_open_file(liServer *srv, GString *filename);