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#define LIGHTTPD_SERVER_MAGIC ((guint)0x12AB34CD)
#define CUR_TS(srv) ((time_t)ev_now((srv)->loop))
typedef enum {
SERVER_STARTING, /** start up: don't write log files, don't accept connections */
SERVER_RUNNING, /** running: write logs, accept connections */
SERVER_STOPPING /** stopping: flush logs, don't accept new connections */
} server_state;
struct server_socket;
typedef struct server_socket server_socket;
struct server_socket {
server *srv;
ev_io watcher;
struct statistics_t;
typedef struct statistics_t statistics_t;
struct statistics_t {
guint64 bytes_out; /** bytes transfered, outgoing */
guint64 bytes_int; /** bytes transfered, incoming */
guint64 requests; /** processed requests */
guint64 actions_executed; /** actions executed */
struct server {
guint32 magic; /** server magic version, check against LIGHTTPD_SERVER_MAGIC in plugins */
server_state state;
guint loop_flags;
struct ev_loop *loop;
ev_timer keep_alive_timer;
guint connections_active; /** 0..con_act-1: active connections, con_act..used-1: free connections */
GArray *connections; /** array of (connection*) */
GArray *sockets; /** array of (server_socket*) */
GQueue closing_sockets; /** wait for EOF before shutdown(SHUT_RD) and close() */
GHashTable *plugins; /**< const gchar* => (plugin*) */
/* registered by plugins */
GHashTable *options; /**< const gchar* => (server_option*) */
GHashTable *actions; /**< const gchar* => (server_action*) */
GHashTable *setups; /**< const gchar* => (server_setup*) */
GArray *plugins_handle_close; /** list of handle_close callbacks */
size_t option_count; /**< set to size of option hash table */
gpointer *option_def_values;
struct action *mainaction;
gboolean exiting;
GString *tmp_str; /**< can be used everywhere for local temporary needed strings */
time_t last_generated_date_ts;
GString *ts_date_str; /**< use server_current_timestamp(srv) */
/* logs */
gboolean rotate_logs;
GHashTable *logs;
struct log_t *log_stderr;
struct log_t *log_syslog;
GAsyncQueue *log_queue;
GThread *log_thread;
GMutex *log_mutex; /* manage access for the logs hashtable */
ev_tstamp started;
statistics_t stats;
/* keep alive timeout queue */
guint keep_alive_queue_timeout;
GQueue keep_alive_queue;
LI_API server* server_new();
LI_API void server_free(server* srv);
LI_API gboolean server_loop_init(server *srv);
LI_API void server_listen(server *srv, int fd);
/* Start accepting connection, use log files, no new plugins after that */
LI_API void server_start(server *srv);
/* stop accepting connections, turn keep-alive off */
LI_API void server_stop(server *srv);
/* close connections, close logs, stop log-thread */
LI_API void server_exit(server *srv);
LI_API void joblist_append(server *srv, connection *con);
LI_API GString *server_current_timestamp(server *srv);
/* shutdown write and wait for eof before shutdown read and close */
LI_API void server_add_closing_socket(server *srv, int fd);