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Joe Presbrey 92bfc4c676 [mod_openssl] add openssl.setenv action (client, client-cert, server, server-cert) 2011-11-30 12:53:06 -05:00
Joe Presbrey 3f9ba6ebdc [mod_openssl] add verify{,-any,-depth,-require}, client-ca-file 2011-11-30 01:26:04 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 9e215e397f [value] add some functions to handle liValue 2011-11-30 01:00:20 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt 3f12becf59 [plugin_core] add 'map' action, which maps the result of a pattern to a user defined action 2011-11-26 16:32:51 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt 3af94cf12d [mod_progress] free data on module unload properly 2011-11-26 16:17:31 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt 2d52ff9170 [mempool] support profiler for mmap allocations. use g_malloc/free instead malloc/free 2011-11-26 16:07:38 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt aeb88422a0 [profiler] export li_profiler_enabled and li_profiler_hashtable_insert/remove. add heap base/break/size to dump output 2011-11-26 15:56:45 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt a66b6ce8d5 [config parser] rename 'o' liValue variables to 'v'. the name was a relict from option variables 2011-11-26 15:20:40 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt 9f17fd620d [config parser] add 'none' and 'default' keywords 2011-11-26 15:11:39 +01:00
Stefan Bühler a7741a2f22 [core] Ignore connection headers from backends 2011-11-21 11:07:40 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt fc3d0e51e9 [core] fix invalid html in auto-generated responses 2011-11-19 11:32:20 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 3277edabe6 connection.c: optimize buffer usage - don't keep too many unused buffers around 2011-11-18 19:04:42 +01:00
Stefan Bühler ba3d50ba79 [mempool]: use g_free instead of free in ALLOC mode 2011-11-17 21:26:53 +01:00
Stefan Bühler bd5c2f4ebe move profiler code to common lib 2011-11-17 21:25:45 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt bd15bb8f82 [core] fix for previous commit. gc requency was set to 10s not 5min 2011-11-17 19:18:17 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt ab313d20c2 [core] change connection garbage collector algorithm to free all unused connections up to the maximum of active connections during the last 5 minutes 2011-11-17 18:59:09 +01:00
Thomas Porzelt 011380dcb7 [core] change memory profiler output, add minsize parameter to debug.profiler_dump action 2011-11-15 02:01:35 +01:00
Joe Presbrey 60fc8d421d [mod_status] add status_info_auto 2011-11-11 12:31:44 -05:00
Thomas Porzelt cdf183137f [plugin_core] rename 'blank' action to 'respond' and allow optional integer, string or list of integer+string parameters which support patterns 2011-10-17 20:09:48 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 2647a9745c [autobuild]: enable large file support for 32-bit builds 2011-10-11 13:18:43 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt b6e20b45f9 [doc] update config examples re latest config syntax changes 2011-08-28 16:51:21 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt cc1c9a92e2 [config parser] don't allow setup blocks or includes in setup blocks 2011-08-28 15:07:23 +02:00
Stefan Bühler dbfca1b2cb [doc]: fix config examples 2011-08-28 14:18:03 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 2ebf367df5 [config parser] fix detection of conflicts between options and uservars 2011-08-28 14:17:47 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 3ef949bbb9 [tests]: convert test cases to new config syntax 2011-08-28 11:57:31 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 04c8356b44 [config parser] change syntax again: user defined variables are now defined as 'x = ...;'. user defined actions are not special anymore 2011-08-28 11:30:35 +02:00
Stefan Bühler abd58794d8 [config parser]: fix crash with nested conditional blocks, fix some warnings 2011-08-25 19:57:08 +02:00
Stefan Bühler d579b8a163 [core]: accept LF instead of CR LF in http requests 2011-08-22 17:30:29 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 9f832c75ea Config syntax changes and parser fixes:
* Change ":" to "=>" in hash tables
* Change assignments to not need "=" anymore
* User defined actions must now be prefixed with the "action" keyword
* Anonymous user defined actions don't need the "$" prefix anymore
* Fix parsing of conditionals with more than 2 conditions
2011-08-20 11:43:02 +02:00
Stefan Bühler bafba4b112 [core.cached_html] fix path handling 2011-08-13 21:28:01 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 92ca097ed4 [jobqueue] as jobs in the queue could be removed in a callback we can\'t copy the queue to a private one, g_queue_unlink needs the real one 2011-08-09 20:17:13 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 496a28f197 [core] truncate temp string before evaluating pattern. add comment to pattern.h that li_eval_pattern() does not truncate the string for you 2011-07-20 20:48:30 +02:00
Stefan Bühler e2376dbd15 [tests] add simple mod-proxy check 2011-06-11 00:23:34 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 81429d4eb5 [doc] Fix: use 'charset' instead 'encoding' in mimetypes.conf 2011-05-29 09:56:30 +02:00
Simon Lundström effdfb6e62 On OS X the GNU libtool is prefixed with a g. 2011-05-18 20:26:43 +02:00
Thomas Porzelt 259cdb57e3 [mod_accesslog] Fix %r (first request line) formatter 2011-05-09 21:07:54 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 0fcbfb7ab7 [core] optimize syscalls per connection 2011-05-04 15:23:53 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 4f377b792c [utils] fix calculation for sockaddr_un struct size 2011-05-02 12:30:39 +02:00
Stefan Bühler f277a22407 [core.lua] fix wsgi pathinfo 2011-04-14 11:23:41 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 9c80becca2 [angel] Remove unsupported pid-file option 2011-04-12 10:53:49 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 45f0cf0bf3 Increase timeout for angel-listen 2011-04-12 10:53:24 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 6164ac83c9 [*cgi env]: Fix REQUEST_URI 2011-03-23 14:59:43 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 6d854ac3f8 [autobuild]: Fix error message if ragel is not found 2011-03-23 14:15:54 +01:00
Stefan Bühler f461b8a8b4 [tests]: use printf instead of echo in shell cgi script 2011-03-22 22:47:42 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 8973c35562 [utils] Fix url decoding for non ascii values (signed char negatives) 2011-03-22 13:34:10 +01:00
Stefan Bühler eb9f6aa368 [plugins] Fix some default options (the raw default-value is only used when there is no parser method) 2011-01-30 15:51:33 +01:00
Stefan Bühler be50c790e1 [mod_balance]: renamed from mod_balancer 2011-01-23 13:55:36 +01:00
Stefan Bühler d9cc24b8e6 [core]: fix connection/vrequest callbacks to return FALSE after they got reset, so handling stops 2011-01-10 20:00:44 +01:00
Stefan Bühler bf0ece96fb [throttle] Fix segfaults 2011-01-02 13:52:18 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 9c6f894eb5 [mime-types] Fix mimetype insert, add new test cases to catch this 2010-12-30 15:06:10 +01:00