[docs] some small fixes

Stefan Bühler 9 years ago
parent dd9f052c57
commit 5c9a9bbaba

@ -472,10 +472,12 @@ class AngelModuleDocumentation < GenericModuleDocumentation
self.ordername = xml['order']
nest(title, '', 'angel-module') {
@html.p {
@html.text (basename + ' ')
@short = _parse_short(xml, false)
if 'core_config_angel' != basename then
@html.p {
@html.text (basename + ' ')
@short = _parse_short(xml, false)
xml.element_children.each do |child|

@ -158,7 +158,10 @@
By default variables assignment overwrites an existing variable (in its previous scope) or, if it doesn't exist, creates a new one in the local scope (i.e. it will only be available in the current scope and nested descendants).
You can explicitly create a new variable in the local scope (hiding variables in parent scopes with the same name) by prefixing the assignment with @local@:
@local wwwpath = "/var/www/example.com";
local wwwpath = "/var/www/example.com";
You can also create variables in the global scope by prefixing the assignment with @global@.
The main config already is in a nested scope (i.e. *not* the global scope). The global scope is not destroyed after config loading, and can be used in delayed config loading (say from SQL in the future).