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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Howto write a test case:
Create a file "t-*.py" for your testcase and add a "Test" class to it, like:
from base import *
from requests import *
class Test(CurlRequest):
There are some basic test classes you can derive from:
* TestBase
* GroupTest
* CurlRequest
Each test class can provide Prepare, Run and Cleanup handlers (CurlRequest already provides a Run handler).
A test intance has the following attributes:
* config: vhost config (error/access log and vhost handling gets added)
* name: unique test name, has a sane default
* vhost: the vhost name; must be unique if a config is provided;
GroupTest will set the vhost of subtests to the vhost of the GroupTest
if the subtest doesn't provide a config
* runnable: whether to call Run
You can create files and directories in Prepare with TestBase.{PrepareVHostFile,PrepareFile,PrepareDir};
they will get removed on cleanup automatically (if the test was successful).
* set the group attribute to a list of "subtest" classes (like CurlRequest)
set some attributes like:
* URL = "/test.txt"
and the class will do everything for you. have a look at the class if you
need more details :)
import os
import imp
import sys
@ -144,7 +185,7 @@ class GroupTest(TestBase):
for t in self.subtests:
if None == t.name:
t.name = self.name + class2testname(t.__class__.__name__) + '/'
if None == t.vhost:
if None == t.vhost and None == t.config:
t.vhost = self.vhost

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@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ class TestDigestSuccess(CurlRequest):
AUTH = "user5:pass5"
class Test(GroupTest):
vhost = "mod-auth"
group = [
TestAprMd5Fail, TestAprMd5Success,
TestCryptFail, TestCryptSuccess,