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:author: Jan Kneschke
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Get the source from
unpack it by ::
$ gzip -cd lighttpd-1.x.x.tar.gz | tar xf -
compile and install it with ::
$ cd lighttpd-1.x.x
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su -
# make install
# exit
take look at the configfile in ./doc/lighttpd.conf,
make your own copy of that file and modify it for your needs.
static build using SCons
$ scons -j 4 build_static=1 build_dynamic=0 prefix=/custom/inst/path install
build_dynamic is enabled by default in SConstruct and needs to be disabled for
the static build. See also the BoolVariable() settings in SConstruct for other
configurable variables that might be set in a customized build. build_static=1
can be replaced with build_fullstatic=1 to perform lighttpd static build with
modules *and* to link statically against external dependencies.
static build using make
* edit src/ and, in the section under 'if LIGHTTPD_STATIC',
update lighttpd_SOURCES with each module to be included in the static build
* create src/plugin-static.h with list of modules as PLUGIN_INIT(mod_foo)
for each module 'mod_foo' to be included in the static build
$ LIGHTTPD_STATIC=yes ./configure -C --enable-static=yes
$ make
$ sudo make install