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#ifndef _RESPONSE_H_
#define _RESPONSE_H_
#include "first.h"
#include "sys-time.h"
#include "base_decls.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "array.h"
struct stat_cache_entry;/* declaration */
int http_response_parse(server *srv, request_st *r);
enum {
typedef struct http_response_opts_t {
int fdfmt;
int backend;
int authorizer; /* bool */
uint8_t simple_accum; /* bool */
uint8_t local_redir; /* 0,1,2 */
uint8_t xsendfile_allow; /* bool */
const array *xsendfile_docroot;
void *pdata;
handler_t(*parse)(request_st *, struct http_response_opts_t *, buffer *, size_t);
handler_t(*headers)(request_st *, struct http_response_opts_t *);
} http_response_opts;
typedef int (*http_response_send_1xx_cb)(request_st *r, connection *con);
void http_response_send_1xx_cb_set (http_response_send_1xx_cb fn, int vers);
int http_response_send_1xx (request_st *r);
handler_t http_response_parse_headers(request_st *r, http_response_opts *opts, buffer *hdrs);
handler_t http_response_read(request_st *r, http_response_opts *opts, buffer *b, fdnode *fdn);
handler_t http_response_reqbody_read_error(request_st *r, int http_status);
int http_response_buffer_append_authority(request_st *r, buffer *o);
int http_response_redirect_to_directory(request_st *r, int status);
const buffer * http_response_set_last_modified(request_st *r, unix_time64_t lmtime);
int http_response_handle_cachable(request_st *r, const buffer *lmod, unix_time64_t lmtime);
void http_response_body_clear(request_st *r, int preserve_length);
void http_response_reset(request_st *r);
void http_response_send_file (request_st *r, buffer *path, struct stat_cache_entry *sce);
void http_response_backend_done (request_st *r);
void http_response_backend_error (request_st *r);
void http_response_upgrade_read_body_unknown(request_st *r);
int http_response_omit_header(request_st *r, const data_string *ds);
void http_response_write_header(request_st *r);
handler_t http_response_handler(request_st *r);
void strftime_cache_reset(void);