lighttpd 1.4.x
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#ifndef _REQUEST_H_
#define _REQUEST_H_
#include "first.h"
#include <time.h> /* (struct timespec) */
#include "base_decls.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "http_kv.h"
struct log_error_st; /* declaration */
struct chunkqueue; /* declaration */
struct cond_cache_t; /* declaration */
struct cond_match_t; /* declaration */
typedef struct {
const array *mimetypes;
/* virtual-servers */
const buffer *document_root;
const buffer *server_name;
const buffer *server_tag;
struct log_error_st *errh;
uint32_t max_request_field_size;
unsigned short max_keep_alive_requests;
unsigned short max_keep_alive_idle;
unsigned short max_read_idle;
unsigned short max_write_idle;
unsigned short stream_request_body;
unsigned short stream_response_body;
unsigned char high_precision_timestamps;
unsigned char allow_http11;
unsigned char follow_symlink;
unsigned char etag_flags;
unsigned char force_lowercase_filenames; /*(case-insensitive file systems)*/
unsigned char use_xattr;
unsigned char range_requests;
unsigned char error_intercept;
/* debug */
unsigned char log_file_not_found;
unsigned char log_request_header;
unsigned char log_request_handling;
unsigned char log_response_header;
unsigned char log_condition_handling;
unsigned char log_timeouts;
unsigned char log_state_handling;
unsigned char log_request_header_on_error;
unsigned int http_parseopts;
unsigned int max_request_size;
unsigned int bytes_per_second; /* connection bytes/sec limit */
unsigned int global_bytes_per_second;/*total bytes/sec limit for scope*/
/* server-wide traffic-shaper
* each context has the counter which is inited once
* a second by the global_bytes_per_second config-var
* as soon as global_bytes_per_second gets below 0
* the connected conns are "offline" a little bit
* the problem:
* we somehow have to lose our "we are writable" signal on the way.
off_t *global_bytes_per_second_cnt_ptr; /* */
const buffer *error_handler;
const buffer *error_handler_404;
const buffer *errorfile_prefix;
struct log_error_st *serrh; /* script errh */
} request_config;
struct request_st {
request_config *conf;
connection *con;
/** HEADER */
buffer *target;
buffer *target_orig;
http_method_t http_method;
http_version_t http_version;
void **plugin_ctx; /* plugin connection specific config */
/* strings to the header */
buffer *http_host; /* not alloced */
unsigned int htags; /* bitfield of flagged headers present in request */
array headers;
off_t reqbody_length; /* request Content-Length */
off_t te_chunked;
struct chunkqueue *reqbody_queue; /*(might use tempfiles)*/
time_t start_ts;
struct timespec start_hp;
uint32_t rqst_header_len;
char keep_alive; /* only request.c can enable it, all other just disable */
char loops_per_request; /* catch endless loops in a single request */
char async_callback;
const buffer *server_name;
/* internal */
uint32_t conditional_is_valid;
struct cond_cache_t *cond_cache;
struct cond_match_t *cond_match;
buffer *pathinfo;
buffer *server_name_buf;
int http_request_parse(request_st *r, char *hdrs, const unsigned short *hloffsets, int scheme_port);
int http_request_host_normalize(buffer *b, int scheme_port);
int http_request_host_policy(buffer *b, unsigned int http_parseopts, int scheme_port);