lighttpd 1.4.x
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#ifndef _CHUNK_H_
#define _CHUNK_H_
#include "first.h"
#ifdef _AIX /*(AIX might #define mmap mmap64)*/
#include "sys-mmap.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "array.h"
struct log_error_st; /*(declaration)*/
typedef struct chunk {
struct chunk *next;
enum { MEM_CHUNK, FILE_CHUNK } type;
buffer *mem; /* either the storage of the mem-chunk or the name of the file */
/* the size of the chunk is either:
* - mem-chunk: buffer_string_length(chunk::mem)
* - file-chunk: chunk::file.length
off_t offset; /* octets sent from this chunk */
struct {
/* filechunk */
off_t start; /* starting offset in the file */
off_t length; /* octets to send from the starting offset */
int fd;
int is_temp; /* file is temporary and will be deleted if on cleanup */
struct {
char *start; /* the start pointer of the mmap'ed area */
size_t length; /* size of the mmap'ed area */
off_t offset; /* start is <n> octet away from the start of the file */
} mmap;
} file;
} chunk;
typedef struct {
chunk *first;
chunk *last;
off_t bytes_in, bytes_out;
const array *tempdirs;
off_t upload_temp_file_size;
unsigned int tempdir_idx;
} chunkqueue;
buffer * chunk_buffer_acquire(void);
void chunk_buffer_release(buffer *b);
void chunkqueue_chunk_pool_clear(void);
void chunkqueue_chunk_pool_free(void);
chunkqueue *chunkqueue_init(void);
void chunkqueue_set_chunk_size (size_t sz);
void chunkqueue_set_tempdirs_default_reset (void);
void chunkqueue_set_tempdirs_default (const array *tempdirs, off_t upload_temp_file_size);
void chunkqueue_set_tempdirs(chunkqueue *cq, const array *tempdirs, off_t upload_temp_file_size);
void chunkqueue_append_file(chunkqueue *cq, const buffer *fn, off_t offset, off_t len); /* copies "fn" */
void chunkqueue_append_file_fd(chunkqueue *cq, const buffer *fn, int fd, off_t offset, off_t len); /* copies "fn" */
void chunkqueue_append_mem(chunkqueue *cq, const char *mem, size_t len); /* copies memory */
void chunkqueue_append_mem_min(chunkqueue *cq, const char * mem, size_t len); /* copies memory */
void chunkqueue_append_buffer(chunkqueue *cq, buffer *mem); /* may reset "mem" */
void chunkqueue_append_chunkqueue(chunkqueue *cq, chunkqueue *src);
buffer * chunkqueue_prepend_buffer_open_sz(chunkqueue *cq, size_t sz);
buffer * chunkqueue_prepend_buffer_open(chunkqueue *cq);
void chunkqueue_prepend_buffer_commit(chunkqueue *cq);
buffer * chunkqueue_append_buffer_open_sz(chunkqueue *cq, size_t sz);
buffer * chunkqueue_append_buffer_open(chunkqueue *cq);
void chunkqueue_append_buffer_commit(chunkqueue *cq);
int chunkqueue_append_mem_to_tempfile(chunkqueue *cq, const char *mem, size_t len, struct log_error_st *errh);
/* functions to handle buffers to read into: */
/* obtain/reserve memory in chunkqueue at least len (input) size,
* return pointer to memory with len (output) available for use
* modifying the chunkqueue invalidates the memory area.
* should always be followed by chunkqueue_get_memory(),
* even if nothing was read.
* pass 0 in len for mem at least half of chunk_buf_sz
char * chunkqueue_get_memory(chunkqueue *cq, size_t *len);
/* commit len bytes of mem obtained from chunkqueue_get_memory() */
void chunkqueue_use_memory(chunkqueue *cq, size_t len);
/* mark first "len" bytes as written (incrementing chunk offsets)
* and remove finished chunks
void chunkqueue_mark_written(chunkqueue *cq, off_t len);
void chunkqueue_remove_finished_chunks(chunkqueue *cq);
void chunkqueue_steal(chunkqueue *dest, chunkqueue *src, off_t len);
int chunkqueue_steal_with_tempfiles(chunkqueue *dest, chunkqueue *src, off_t len, struct log_error_st *errh);
int chunkqueue_open_file_chunk(chunkqueue *cq, struct log_error_st *errh);
void chunkqueue_compact_mem(chunkqueue *cq, size_t clen);
off_t chunkqueue_length(chunkqueue *cq);
void chunkqueue_free(chunkqueue *cq);
void chunkqueue_reset(chunkqueue *cq);
static inline int chunkqueue_is_empty(const chunkqueue *cq);
static inline int chunkqueue_is_empty(const chunkqueue *cq) {
return NULL == cq->first;