lighttpd 1.4.x
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Glenn Strauss 91472ab768 [tests] t/test_mod_staticfile 9 months ago
README [doc] src/t/README 2 years ago
test_array.c [tests] use buffer_eq_slen() for str comparison 2 years ago
test_base64.c [core] base64 encode round-up for required space 1 year ago
test_buffer.c [core] quiet coverity noise 1 year ago
test_burl.c quiet clang analyzer scan-build warnings 2 years ago
test_configfile.c [core] parse $HTTP["remote-ip"] CIDR mask at start 9 months ago
test_keyvalue.c [multiple] PCRE w/ PCRE_STUDY_JIT_COMPILE (fixes #2361) 1 year ago
test_mod_access.c [tests] stub out config funcs in test_mod_* 2 years ago
test_mod_evhost.c [multiple] use stat_cache_path_isdir() 2 years ago
test_mod_simple_vhost.c [multiple] use stat_cache_path_isdir() 2 years ago
test_mod_staticfile.c [tests] t/test_mod_staticfile 9 months ago
test_mod_userdir.c [mod_userdir] use stat_cache_path_isdir() 1 year ago
test_request.c [tests] mv tests from request.t to test_request.c 9 months ago


Tests have been written in the interest of "Something is better than nothing".

As of this writing, the aim is to increase test coverage using simple smoke
tests and to replace the (much) slower Perl tests in tests/*.t