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6 Commits (d4083effab0f9bf76528d5c47198b17e7471ed13)

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Glenn Strauss 4a68780e1b [mod_scgi] tests/mod-scgi.t unit tests
6 years ago
Stefan Bühler 68284bd7f1 [scons] various improvements
8 years ago
Stefan Bühler 34172dfb09 [tests] Fix tests/mod-compress.conf distribution
14 years ago
Marcus Rückert b8df99f3db - a few more whitespace cleanups
17 years ago
Xuefer 809199f98f scons fixes, and built/test on cygwin
18 years ago
Jan Kneschke e95ea21b1e added a alternative to automake and friends by using scons
18 years ago