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22 Commits (c5a42e932f948cdb2d76a8c79bfaebd6c8cf6376)

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Stefan Bühler 593599f14a rewrite network (write) backends 7 years ago
Stefan Bühler 9f2be4882d force assertion: setting FD_CLOEXEC must work (if available) 9 years ago
Stefan Bühler f434d514ad Limit amount of bytes we send in one go; fixes stalling in one connection and timeouts on slow systems. 11 years ago
Stefan Bühler 22e8b456a9 Fix header inclusion order, always include "config.h" before any system header 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler 7883b7f2ff Treat EPIPE as connection-closed error in network_freebsd_sendfile.c (another fix from #1913) 14 years ago
Stefan Bühler 950fbe58bd Fix EAGAIN handling for freebsd sendfile (fixes #1913, thx AnMaster for spotting the problem) 14 years ago
Stefan Bühler 9960b1a3ed Fix error handling in freebsd-sendfile (fixes #1813) 14 years ago
Stefan Bühler c1662bcf8a Handle EAGAIN and EINTR for freebsd sendfile (#1675) 14 years ago
Jan Kneschke 8392673b7e oops, ifd is gone 15 years ago
Jan Kneschke 0177a96f5d fixed endless loop on shrinked files with sendfile() on BSD 15 years ago
Marcus Rückert 4fe6745364 - Handle DragonFlyBSD the same way as Freebsd. 16 years ago
Marcus Rückert 8cd1471cb3 - white space cleanup part 2 this time 1.4 ;) 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke 6309a54031 handle ENOTCONN nicly on FreeBSD writev() 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke c87a000c13 renamed file.offset to file.start (we had 3 different 'offset' which was confusing) 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke bd893badb9 added the fd as parameter for the write() functions 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke b32a18b1e8 updated cq->written and con->bytes_written correctly 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 88c96e46a0 stipped data. from chunk structure (belongs to the last changeset) 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke e19d4d77db for EAGAIN: don't close the fd twice, for the other errno's: close() might modify errno. 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke eca25a0ae1 file_cache.h is not stat_cache.h 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 5e134da075 dropped file-cache, added stat-cache and modules ALWAYS cleanup at connection-end 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 6b297b3341 ignore remove-close in freebsd sendfile() 18 years ago
Jan Kneschke bcdc6a3bbc moved everything below trunk/ and added branches/ and tags/ 18 years ago