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Stefan Bühler 593599f14a rewrite network (write) backends 7 years ago
Stefan Bühler 3ca6adc233 [docs] add !kPSK to the cipher string recommendation as the comments before already mention 9 years ago
Stefan Bühler cdcd49b547 [doc] update ssl.cipher-list recommendation 9 years ago
Marcus Rückert 292b8d621b move ssl.disable-client-renegotiation and added note that it currently doesnt work inside conditionals 9 years ago
Stefan Bühler d83b009d54 [doc] fix ssl config exaple for ssl.cipher-list 11 years ago
Stefan Bühler d964e49874 [ssl] document new options in config example 11 years ago
Stefan Bühler 0f96222e7e [ssl] add option to honor server cipher order, true by default (fixes #2364) 11 years ago
Marcus Rückert 433c2a0c0d - replace old default config with my config from opensuse. #2203 13 years ago