14 Commits (90f062cb07d362e346792964cf76aac65120d375)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Glenn Strauss 575665ad88 [multiple] __attribute_nonnull__ now takes params 4 months ago
Glenn Strauss 4e5b822b16 [mod_magnet] cache script objects at config time 7 months ago
Glenn Strauss e86dba5468 [mod_magnet] inline name and etag buffers in cache 8 months ago
Glenn Strauss dde9df4310 [multiple] mark addtl funcs attr returns_nonnull 10 months ago
Glenn Strauss dbe3e2361b [multiple] prefer monotonic time for internal use 11 months ago
Glenn Strauss 68d8d4c532 [multiple] stat_cache singleton 2 years ago
Glenn Strauss 50bdb55de8 [multiple] connection hooks no longer get (srv *) 2 years ago
Glenn Strauss 84ccd87b31 [mod_magnet] use config_plugin_values_init() 2 years ago
Glenn Strauss 04d76e7afd [core] some header cleanup 4 years ago
Glenn Strauss ac90699d28 [autobuild] rm module stub code for missing deps 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss 8abd06a7ff consistent inclusion of config.h at top of files (fixes #2073) 6 years ago
Jan Kneschke 404f81e63b lua_State has to be put into the #ifdef too 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke 4b8905d4b4 fix for lua not installed 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke daeab348cd added mod_magnet 16 years ago