10 Commits (6a8de931ec95518c909990181c24d650e0c81933)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Glenn Strauss 6a8de931ec [core] continue collecting use of netdb.h 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss 5248b46c95 [core] sock_addr_from_str_hints reusable name res 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss 55867b5602 [core] get port from sock_addr if AF_INET,AF_INET6 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss ba679290f9 [core] inet_ntop_cache now 4-element cache 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss a448886485 [core] inet_pton(), inet_ntop() on (sock_addr *) 5 years ago
Glenn Strauss 8abd06a7ff consistent inclusion of config.h at top of files (fixes #2073) 6 years ago
Stefan Bühler 22e8b456a9 Fix header inclusion order, always include "config.h" before any system header 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler bcf2b160cf Compare address family in inet_ntop_cache 14 years ago
Marcus Rückert 8cd1471cb3 - white space cleanup part 2 this time 1.4 ;) 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke bcdc6a3bbc moved everything below trunk/ and added branches/ and tags/ 18 years ago