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Glenn Strauss c752d4696e [multiple] correct misspellings in comments 2 years ago
Stefan Bühler 960d34c7ea [doc] Move docs to outdated/ subdir and refer to wiki instead (fixes #2248) 12 years ago
Stefan Bühler 36f74e5d23 Revert url decoding+simplifying before matching of mod_rewrite/mod_redirect 14 years ago
Marcus Rückert 8cd1471cb3 - white space cleanup part 2 this time 1.4 ;) 16 years ago
Xuefer 1d97323652 less confusing/misleading on conditional backreference 17 years ago
Xuefer 396a4de69b more document 17 years ago
Xuefer f08537ee87 document backreference to regex conditional 18 years ago
Jan Kneschke e82d062eae documented the changes in mod_rewrite 18 years ago
Jan Kneschke bcdc6a3bbc moved everything below trunk/ and added branches/ and tags/ 18 years ago