115 Commits (0a5cbc62bdf21e550b152be389c83631d726afa1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stefan Bühler 1ee35acc6f [mod_extforward] Support ipv6 addresses (fixes #1889) 10 years ago
Stefan Bühler 38f2d1ddd7 cleanup fdevent code, removed linux-rtsig handler, replaced some fprintf calls 12 years ago
Stefan Bühler 22e8b456a9 Fix header inclusion order, always include "config.h" before any system header 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler d0c8721b0d Fix unused var in mod_extforward if ipv6 is disabled. 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler 4c7c0b815e Make mod_extforward headers configurable (fixes #1545) 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler 63f785a2f8 Added some extra warning options in cmake and fix the resulting warnings (unused/static functions) 14 years ago
Stefan Bühler 2772e62d8d Fix mod_extforward to compile with old gcc version (#1591) 15 years ago
Stefan Bühler 85b8153dfc Fix previous merge 15 years ago
Elan Ruusamäe cde46f6a3d - support chained proxies in mod_extforward (#1528) 15 years ago
Elan Ruusamäe af4be7d0ce - HTTPS env var should be "on" when using mod_extforward and the X-Forwarded-Proto header is set. (#1499) 15 years ago
Jan Kneschke f978d992df use public API instead of patching the cond-cache ourself 15 years ago
Jan Kneschke 3940c60e68 fixed aggressive caching of conditionals (#41) 15 years ago
Jan Kneschke fb816f768b oops, missed one renamed variable if IPv6 is not available 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke 7f5aabdaaf * fixed possible crash in debug-message in mod_extforward 16 years ago
Elan Ruusamäe f68fd405f4 - add mod_extforward module from wiki 16 years ago