3802 Commits (master)

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  Glenn Strauss c6304bb43c [mod_openssl] use newer openssl 3.0.0 interfaces 3 days ago
  Glenn Strauss af7c054b51 [core] ignore server.event-handler = "libev" 5 days ago
  Glenn Strauss bc3a2b4e47 [TLS] fix crash for (broken) nested $SERVER[] cfg 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss cc35c03c3c [core] RFC 7233 Range handling for non-streaming 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss d68e639b71 [core] http_range.[ch] RFC 7233 Range handling 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss ce74705cea [core] chunkqueue_append_cq_range() 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss 7df6fb5ec8 [mod_deflate] do not cache 206 Partial Content 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss 12ac70d0fe [mod_auth] send 401 if digest algo not supported 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss a1bb0c0d52 [autoconf] add ajp13 to build msgs 1 week ago
  Glenn Strauss 8bf9dac1f5 [mod_secdownload] use http_auth_const_time_memeq() 2 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss dda40a15df [mod_secdownload] use algo_hmac.[ch] 2 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss c5003c26c8 [core] algo_hmac.[ch] wrapper (portability) 2 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 830d7e0561 [core] fix -fsanitize=undefined pedantic warning (fixes #3069) 2 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss f9ff15a013 [core] mark config registration funcs cold 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss b59b17aaec [core] rename local var 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 086945bfb0 [core] allow '*' in "*:80" socket spec 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 28fc51c747 [build] augment configure.ac msgs to remove FAM (#3068) 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 46269cf3a3 [mod_mbedtls] preproc wrap ssl_parse_client_hello 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 457d78c6e1 [build] use -pipe with gcc and clang 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 603a1fa573 [core] inline funcs to decode h2 framing nums (fixes #3067) 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 165600498b [build] fix SCons pkg-config err handling (fixes #3066) 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 4a600dabd5 [mod_auth] close HTTP/2 connection after bad pass 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss dc4ff14c1f [tests] remove stray option in test lighttpd.conf 3 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 2403cc4f09 [mod_gnutls,mod_mbedtls] recog common cipherstring 4 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 1ca25d4e2c [core] 101 upgrade fails if Content-Length incl (fixes #3063) 4 weeks ago
  Glenn Strauss 5e8567f820 [mod_magnet] do not call luaL_error outside pcall (#3065) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 5c386efe8f [mod_magnet] avoid infinite loop in atpanic (fixes #3065) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss e56e387196 [mod_magnet] reject stat() of empty string (fixes #3064) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss a737572aa4 [meson] add with_zstd to meson_options.txt 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 5921b2f411 - next is 1.4.60 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 529cf9547e [doc] NEWS 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss ba290f181f [core] quiet coverity warning 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss b0439d8fa8 [mod_mbedtls] remove redundant condition check 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 2a557809d9 [core] re-validate h2 CONTINUATION frame len in cq 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 3edeb6b432 [mod_mbedtls] restore ALPN chk after client hello 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 649829f906 [mod_cgi] fix assert if empty X-Sendfile path (fixes #3062) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss b80d287df7 [mod_mbedtls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 889d53aea4 [mod_mbedtls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 86a6c9ca35 [mod_wolfssl] copy stapling buf for OCSP resp 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss e37b962c31 [mod_nss] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 0936fe6905 [mod_gnutls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 2d78182546 [TLS] set r->uri.authority empty str upon accept() 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 77209c7a26 [mod_openssl] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 18fc244a8e [TLS] fix invalid cfg warning 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 8d4f785f69 [mod_wolfssl] wolfSSL might repeat SNI_Callback() 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss f885498b46 [build] fix typo in SConstruct (fixes #3061) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 1098de533a [mod_gnutls,mod_mbedtls] recog common cipherstring 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss b03b86f47b [core] fix merging large headers across mult reads (fixes #3059) 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss cf3e301272 [core] tighten struct data_config and related code 1 month ago
  Glenn Strauss 0045b9aa1a [core] const data_unset *array_get_element_klen() 1 month ago