fixed error-msg for EAGAIN in connect()

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Jan Kneschke 2005-08-15 09:52:02 +00:00
parent 9d5d48548f
commit c92984c270
1 changed files with 5 additions and 6 deletions

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@ -1473,11 +1473,10 @@ static int fcgi_establish_connection(server *srv, handler_ctx *hctx) {
proc->port, proc->socket);
if (errno == EAGAIN) {
/* this is Linux only */
log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "s",
"If this happend on Linux: You have been run out of local ports. "
"Check the manual, section Performance how to handle this.");
log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "sd",
"This means that the you have more incoming requests than your fastcgi-backend can handle in parallel. "
"Perhaps it helps to spawn more fastcgi backend or php-children, if not decrease server.max-connections."
"The load for this fastcgi backend is:", proc->load);
return -1;
@ -3083,7 +3082,7 @@ static handler_t fcgi_check_extension(server *srv, connection *con, void *p_d, i
log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "s", "handling it in mod_fastcgi");
} else {
/* no handler found */