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- 1.4.62 - 2021-12-01
* [mod_alias] fix use-after-free bug (fixes #3114)
* [core] clean up fdlog_st and log_error_st decls
* [core] 'struct log_error_st' -> 'log_error_st'
* [core] remove redundant asserts
* [core] explicitly include sys/cdefs.h
* [tests] t/test_mod_ssi
* [core] fdevent_socket_nb_cloexec_init()
* [core] fdevent_impl.c separate from fdevent.c
* [core] merge fdevent impls into fdevent_impl.c
* [core] fdevent_fdnode.c separate from fdevent.c
* [core] close backend socket fds more quickly
* [core] use TCP_CORK w/ TLS if cq length > 16k
* [core] warn if dynamic modules before mod_auth
* [mod_cgi] check fd-to-cgi not -1 before close
* [core] libev EV_ERROR conflicts with kqueue
* [tests] disable test_mod_ssi in cmake (temporary)
* [tests] disable test_mod_ssi in cmake (temporary)
* [tests] reenable test_mod_ssi in cmake
* [core] run plugin cleanup hooks in reverse
* [core] fix removal of server.pid-file when testing (fixes #3115)
* [doc] improve sample configs
* [doc] expand vhosts.template
* [doc] improve sample configs
* [core] use ck_assert() in vector.[ch]
* [tests] mod_ssi tests moved to src/t/test_mod_ssi
* [mod_ssi] 0-init ssi_val_t in ssi_ctx_t
* [mod_ssi] fix ancient bugs; replace cond parser
* [mod_ssi] remove mod_ssi parser generator file
* [mod_ssi] merge mod_ssi_expr.c into mod_ssi.c
* [core] uint_fast32_t tweaks
* [core] better asm for binary num to ascii string
* [tests] t/test_mod now runs all t/test_mod_*.c
* [tests] t/test_mod_alias.c
* [tests] remove unused mod from tests/lighttpd.conf
* [mod_evasive] smaller funcs for testing
* [tests] t/test_mod_evasive.c
* [mod_evasive] update comment to add references
* [tests] combine tests into test_common.c
* [core] get_http_method_key() tweak
* [mod_dirlisting] check for disabled cache at start
* [core] buffer_append_string_encoded_json()
* [mod_dirlisting] (experimental) json (disabled)
* [tests] t/test_mod needs -ldl on Debian
* [core] save config regex captures only if used
* [core] save pcre result state in config_pcre_match
* [core] use stack w/ pcre_exec unless save captures
* [core] extend pcre_keyvalue_ctx to pass more state
* [core] pcre2 support (--with-pcre2)
* [core] allocate one fewer cond_match_t, if needed
* [core] allocate pcre output vector on demand
* [build] configure.ac with AC_PROG_CC_C99 (fixes #3116)
* [build] CI builds now use pcre2 (upgrade pcre)
* [core] fix compiler warning in 32-bit build
* [build] fix CMake pcre2 detection
* [mod_auth] RFC7616 HTTP Digest username* userhash
* [mod_dirlisting] fix bug not showing HEADER.txt
* [tests] t/test_mod_ssi adjust to follow symlinks
* [mod_auth] quiet coverity warning
* [doc] refresh/update dependency lists in doc
* [core] fix crash when using lighttpd -1 with pipes (fixes #3117)
- 1.4.61 - 2021-10-28
* [core] define __BEGIN_DECLS, __END_DECLS if needed
* [core] Y2038: error log high-precision timestamps