update NEWS to latest changes

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Jan Kneschke 17 years ago
parent e9e05e3b03
commit a364e9f5a9

@ -10,6 +10,11 @@ NEWS
* changed auth.ldap-cafile to be optional
* added strip_request_uri in mod_fastcgi
* added more X-* headers to mod_proxy
(Ben Grimm <bengrimm@gmail.com>)
* added 'debug' to simple-vhost to suppress the
(mod_simple_vhost.c.157) No such file or directory /servers/ww.lighttpd.net/pages/
messages by default
* changed default stat-cache-engine to 'simple'
* removed debian/ dir from source package on request by packager
* fixed max-age timestamps in mod_expire
@ -24,6 +29,10 @@ NEWS
* fixed missing cleanup in mysql_vhost
* fixed assert() in connections.c:962: connection_handle_read_state: Assertion 'c->mem->used' failed.
* fixed 64bit issue in md5
* fixed crash in mod_status
* fixed duplicate headers in mod_proxy
* fixed Content-Length in HEAD request in mod_proxy
* fixed unsigned/signed comparisions
* TODO: streaming CGI
- 1.4.7 - 2005-11-02