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Glenn Strauss 2 years ago
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- 1.4.59 - 2021-02-02
* [mod_webdav] hide unused funcs depending on build
* [mod_mbedtls] include mbedtls/platform_util.h
* [mod_mbedtls] use local strncmp_const()
* [mod_gnutls] use local strncmp_const()
* [mod_dirlisting] place vars closer to where used
* [autotools] autoupdate; subst deprecated/obsolete
* [autoconf] update ax_prog_cc_for_build.m4
* [core] fix crash at shutdown w/ certain config
* [tests] use ephemeral ports in tests
* [mod_wolfssl] minor updates for wolfSSL v4.6.0
* [doc] improve case handling
* [mod_openssl] extend ssl.openssl.ssl-conf-cmd
* [mod_extforward] config warning for module order
* [mod_extforward] fix extforward.headers defaults (fixes #3051)
* [multiple] use HTTP_HEADER_* enum before strcmp
* [multiple] replace buffer_is_equal_caseless_string
* [mod_dirlisting] quiet coverity false positive
* [doc] improve case handling
* [autoconf] fix LT_INIT syntax
* [doc] -v for warnings
* [core] fix crash in error trace if backend is down (fixes #3052)
* [doc] -v silent for mult vnd
* [mod_openssl] update LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER check
* [multiple] fix: honor CipherString for alt TLS lib
* [mod_openssl] set Ciphersuites once API available
* [mod_dirlisting] use fdopendir(), fstatat()
* [mod_deflate] support Accept-Encoding: zstd
* [mod_deflate] use zstd streaming API
* [mod_dirlisting] hide unused variable on MacOS
* [doc] add --with-zstd to INSTALL
* [mod_access] mark mod_access_check attribute pure
* [core] add decls in connections.h
* [build] update scripts/
* [core] check ifdef WOLFSSL_SHA512 for SHA512 avail
* [build] scripts/ --with-nettle
* [mod_openssl] update LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER check
* [build] scripts/ w/o --with-wolfssl
* [build] scripts/ adjustments
* [build] fix typo in src/CMakeLists.txt
* [build] adjust mbedtls vars in src/CMakeLists.txt
* [build] scripts/ adjustments
* [build] adjust crypto vars in src/CMakeLists.txt
* [core] avoid multiple definition of SHA512_CTX
* [build] adjust crypto vars in src/CMakeLists.txt
* [mod_alias] modify r->physical.path in place
* [build] scripts/ add --with-maxminddb
* build] scripts/ remove --with-maxminddb
* [mod_deflate] use zstd typedefs (minor cleanup)
* [mod_deflate] compat with zstd < v1.4.0
* [multiple] fix coverity warnings
* [multiple] fix TLS config string parsing
* [mod_gnutls] fix ssl.ca_dn_file data access
* [mod_wolfssl] wipe ssl_pemfile_pkey before free()
* [mod_wolfssl] fix syntax errors
* [multiple] fix TLS config string parsing
* [mod_gnutls] fix alt code for coverity
* [core] check more carefully after SSL_WANT_WRITE
* [core] fix 100% CPU spin if traffic limit hit
* [core] skip interest in POLLRDHUP after POLLRDHUP (#3059)
* [TLS] detect expired stapling file at startup (fixes #3056)
* [multiple] avoid duplicate parsing in trigger func (#3056)
* [multiple] quiet some clang-analyzer warnings
* [core] enable HTTP/2 by default
* [mod_ajp13] AJPv13 Tomcat connector for lighttpd
* [core] const data_unset *array_get_element_klen()
* [core] tighten struct data_config and related code
* [core] fix merging large headers across mult reads (fixes #3059)
* [mod_gnutls,mod_mbedtls] recog common cipherstring
* [build] fix typo in SConstruct (fixes #3061)
* [mod_wolfssl] wolfSSL might repeat SNI_Callback()
* [TLS] fix invalid cfg warning
* [mod_openssl] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap
* [TLS] set r->uri.authority empty str upon accept()
* [mod_gnutls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap
* [mod_nss] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap
* [mod_wolfssl] copy stapling buf for OCSP resp
* [mod_mbedtls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap
* [mod_mbedtls] fix acme-tls/1 challenge bootstrap
* [mod_cgi] fix assert if empty X-Sendfile path (fixes #3062)
* [mod_mbedtls] restore ALPN chk after client hello
* [core] re-validate h2 CONTINUATION frame len in cq
* [mod_mbedtls] remove redundant condition check
* [core] quiet coverity warning
- 1.4.58 - 2020-12-27
* [mod_wolfssl] use wolfSSL TLS version defines
* [mod_wolfssl] compile with earlier wolfSSL vers