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@ -12,9 +12,8 @@ Module: mod_mysql_vhost
:Revision: $Revision: 1.1 $
This module provides virtual hosts (vhosts) based on a MySQL table, and
(optionally) prepares mod_fastcgi for sub-chroot FastCGI deployment.
This module provides virtual hosts (vhosts) based on a MySQL table
.. meta::
:keywords: lighttpd, mysql, vhost
@ -34,7 +33,7 @@ Example: ::
mysql-vhost.user = "lighttpd"
mysql-vhost.pass = "secret"
mysql-vhost.sock = "/var/mysql.lighttpd.sock"
mysql-vhost.sql = "SELECT docroot,fcgioffset,fcgiarg FROM domains WHERE domain='?'"
mysql-vhost.sql = "SELECT docroot FROM domains WHERE domain='?'"
MySQL setup: ::
@ -46,41 +45,11 @@ MySQL setup: ::
USE lighttpd;
CREATE TABLE domains (
domain char(64) not null primary key,
docroot char(128) not null,
fcgioffset tinyint unsigned not null,
fcgiarg smallint unsigned not null
domain varchar(64) not null primary key,
docroot varchar(128) not null
INSERT INTO domains VALUES ('host.dom.ain','/http/host.dom.ain/',5,10001);
INSERT INTO domains VALUES ('host.dom.ain','/http/host.dom.ain/');
Extra stuff: ::
fastcgi.server = ( ".php" => ( "php-fcgi" => (
"socket" => "../php/socket",
"spawn" => "/php/php-spawn"
The example above will get the docroot for a virtual host from the table, and also change the docroot for FastCGI to
be 5 (=fcgioffset) chars below the web docroot (in the example above
this means that the web docroot is /http/host.dom.ain/, while the
FastCGI docroot will be /host.dom.ain/).
The fastcgi.server "socket" is (patched to be) relative to docroot,
and the new "spawn" argument specifies a command to run to dynamically
create a new FastCGI process in case none is running (as opposed to
"bin-path" which does not dynamically create/restart FastCGI processes).
The example above will also add the argument "10001" (=fcgiarg) when
invoking the /php/php-spawn (=spawn) FastCGI spawn program. Tf the
spawn program is setuid this can be used to chroot and setgid/setuid
to the right user before exec:ing the actual FastCGI program.
NOTE: both fcgioffset and fcgiarg are optional. Just remove every
mention of them in the example above for a pure vhost server.
You can also use just fcgioffset and not fcgiarg if you like.