[mod_extforward] keep remote IP thru request reset

preserve remote IP until request reset

(historical IP restore in request_done hook was obsoleted by
 commit fea5bdc8 in which request plugin context was split from
 connection plugin context, and by much older commits which
 ensured that request_reset hook was always run)

  "Remote address behind reverse proxy not logged"
Glenn Strauss 1 year ago
parent 16f16dbfd5
commit 0e093d66ba

@ -43,28 +43,13 @@
* config. However "all" has effect only on connecting IP, as the
* X-Forwarded-For header can not be trusted.
* Note: The effect of this module is variable on $HTTP["remotip"] directives and
* Note: The effect of this module is variable on $HTTP["remoteip"] directives and
* other module's remote ip dependent actions.
* Things done by modules before we change the remoteip or after we reset it will match on the proxy's IP.
* Things done in between these two moments will match on the real client's IP.
* The moment things are done by a module depends on in which hook it does things and within the same hook
* on whether they are before/after us in the module loading order
* (order in the server.modules directive in the config file).
* Tested behaviours:
* mod_access: Will match on the real client.
* mod_accesslog:
* In order to see the "real" ip address in access log ,
* you'll have to load mod_extforward after mod_accesslog.
* like this:
* server.modules = (
* .....
* mod_accesslog,
* mod_extforward
* )
@ -1218,7 +1203,6 @@ int mod_extforward_plugin_init(plugin *p) {
p->handle_connection_accept = mod_extforward_handle_con_accept;
p->handle_uri_raw = mod_extforward_uri_handler;
p->handle_request_env = mod_extforward_handle_request_env;
p->handle_request_done = mod_extforward_restore;
p->handle_request_reset = mod_extforward_restore;
p->handle_connection_close = mod_extforward_handle_con_close;
p->set_defaults = mod_extforward_set_defaults;