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Stefan Bühler 15 years ago
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@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ NEWS
* fixed a bug that made /-prefixed extensions being handled also when
matching the end of the uri in fcgi,scgi and proxy modules (#1489)
* print error if X-LIGHTTPD-send-file cannot be done; reset header
Content-Length for send-file. Patches by Stefan Buhler
Content-Length for send-file. Patches by Stefan Buehler
* prevent crash in certain php-fcgi configurations (#841)
* add IdleServers and Scoreboard directives in ?auto mode for mod_status (#1507)
* open log immediately after daemonizing, fixes SIGPIPEs on startup (#165)
@ -24,6 +24,21 @@ NEWS
* fixed bogus "cgi died ?" if we kill the CGI process on shutdown
* fixed ECONNRESET handling in network-openssl
* fixed handling of EAGAIN in network-linux-sendfile (#657)
* reset conditional cache (#1164)
* create directories in mod_compress (was broken with alias/userdir) (#1027)
* fixed out of range access in fd array (#1562, #372)
* mod_compress should check if the request is already handled, e.g. by fastcgi (#1565)
* remove broken workaround for buggy Opera version with ssl/chunked encoding (#285)
* generate etag/last-modified header for on-the-fly-compressed files (#1171)
* req-method OPTIONS: do not insert default response if request was denied, do not deny OPTIONS by default (#1324)
* fixed memory leak on windows (#1347)
* fixed building outside of the src dir (#1349)
* fixed including of stdint.h/inttypes.h in etag.c (#1413)
* do not add Accept-Ranges header if range-request is disabled (#1449)
* log the ip of failed auth tries in error.log (enhancement #1544)
* fixed RoundRobin in mod_proxy (#516)
* check for symlinks after successful pathinfo matching (#1574)
* fixed mod-proxy.t to run with a builddir outside of the src dir
- 1.4.18 - 2007-09-09