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#ifndef _RESPONSE_H_
#define _RESPONSE_H_
#include "first.h"
#include "server.h"
#include <time.h>
int http_response_parse(server *srv, connection *con);
int http_response_write_header(server *srv, connection *con);
int response_header_insert(server *srv, connection *con, const char *key, size_t keylen, const char *value, size_t vallen);
int response_header_overwrite(server *srv, connection *con, const char *key, size_t keylen, const char *value, size_t vallen);
int response_header_append(server *srv, connection *con, const char *key, size_t keylen, const char *value, size_t vallen);
typedef struct http_cgi_opts_t {
int authorizer;
int break_scriptfilename_for_php;
buffer *docroot;
buffer *strip_request_uri;
} http_cgi_opts;
typedef int (*http_cgi_header_append_cb)(void *vdata, const char *k, size_t klen, const char *v, size_t vlen);
int http_cgi_headers(server *srv, connection *con, http_cgi_opts *opts, http_cgi_header_append_cb cb, void *vdata);
handler_t http_response_prepare(server *srv, connection *con);
int http_response_redirect_to_directory(server *srv, connection *con);
int http_response_handle_cachable(server *srv, connection *con, buffer * mtime);
void http_response_send_file (server *srv, connection *con, buffer *path);
[mod_fastcgi] use http_response_xsendfile() (fixes #799, fixes #851, fixes #2017, fixes #2076) handle X-Sendfile and X-LIGHTTPD-send-file w/ http_response_xsendfile() if host is configured ( "x-sendfile" = "enable" ) Note: X-Sendfile path is url-decoded for consistency, like X-Sendfile2 (response headers should be url-encoded to avoid tripping over chars allowed in filesystem but which might change response header parsing semantics) Note: deprecated: "allow-x-send-file"; use "x-sendfile" Note: deprecated: X-LIGHTTPD-send-file header; use X-Sendfile header Note: deprecated: X-Sendfile2 header; use X-Sendfile header For now, X-Sendfile2 is still handled internally by mod_fastcgi. Since http_response_send_file() supports HTTP Range requests, X-Sendfile2 is effectively obsolete. However, any code, e.g. PHP, currently using X-Sendfile2 is probably manually generating 206 Partial Content status and Range response headers. A future version of lighttpd might *remove* X-Sendfile2. Existing code should be converted to use X-Sendfile, which is easily done by removing all the special logic around using X-Sendfile2, since the 206 Partial Content status and Range response headers are handled in http_response_send_file(). x-ref: "mod_fastcgi + X-Sendfile -> mod_staticfile" "Feature Request: New option "x-send-file-docroot"" "X-Sendfile handoff to mod-static-file in 1.4.x" "X-sendfile should be able to set content-type"
2016-04-22 01:01:30 +00:00
void http_response_xsendfile (server *srv, connection *con, buffer *path, const array *xdocroot);
void http_response_backend_done (server *srv, connection *con);
void http_response_backend_error (server *srv, connection *con);
buffer * strftime_cache_get(server *srv, time_t last_mod);