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Simple Virtual-Hosting
Module: mod_simple_vhost
:Author: Jan Kneschke
:Date: $Date: 2004/08/29 09:43:49 $
:Revision: $Revision: 1.1 $
virtual hosting
.. meta::
:keywords: lighttpd, virtual hosting
.. contents:: Table of Contents
Simple assumption:
Every virtual host is in a direction below a base directory in a path that
is the same as the name of the vhost. Below this vhost-path might be a
extra directory which is the document-root of the vhost.
The document-root for each vhost is build from three values:
- server-root
- hostname
- document-root
Either the absolute documentroot is build by ::
server-root + hostname + document-root
or if this path does not exist by ::
server-root + default-host + document-root
A small example should make this thinking clean: ::
simple-vhost.server-root = "/var/www/servers/"
simple-vhost.default-host = ""
simple-vhost.document-root = "pages"
You can use symbolic links to map several hostnames to the same directory.
root of the virtual hosting
use this hostname if the
path below the vhost-directory