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#include "libmanda.h"
struct manda_IDList {
/* used ids are marked with a "1" in the bitvector (represented as array of gulong) */
GArray *bitvector;
/* all ids are in the range [0, max_ids[, i.e. 0 <= id < max_ids
* although the type is guint, it has to fit in a gint too, as we
* use gint for the ids in the interface, so we can use -1 as a special value.
guint max_ids;
/* if all ids in [0, used_ids-1] are used, next_free_id is -1
* if not, then all available ids are >= next_free_id,
* so we can start at next_free_id for searching the next free id
gint next_free_id;
guint used_ids;
/* create new idlist; the parameter max_ids is "signed" on purpose */
manda_IDList* manda_idlist_new(gint max_ids);
/* free idlist */
void manda_idlist_free(manda_IDList *l);
/* request new id; return -1 if no id is available, valid ids are always > 0 */
gint manda_idlist_get(manda_IDList *l);
/* check whether an id is in use and can be "_put" */
gboolean manda_idlist_is_used(manda_IDList *l, gint id);
/* release id. never release an id more than once! */
void manda_idlist_put(manda_IDList *l, gint id);