generic wrapper for event libraries
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#include <evcon.h>
/* Slab allocator */
* public interface
void* evcon_alloc(evcon_allocator* allocator, size_t size);
void* evcon_alloc0(evcon_allocator* allocator, size_t size);
void evcon_free(evcon_allocator* allocator, void* ptr, size_t size);
* implementation interface
typedef void* (*evcon_alloc_cb)(size_t size, void* user_data);
typedef void (*evcon_free_cb)(void *ptr, size_t size, void *user_data);
evcon_allocator* evcon_allocator_new(void* user_data, evcon_alloc_cb alloc_cb, evcon_free_cb free_cb);
void evcon_allocator_free(evcon_allocator* allocator); /* freeing the allocator should be the last thing your app does */
#define EVCON_ALLOCATOR_RECOMMENDED_SIZE (4*sizeof(void*))
/* if memsize is large enough to contain a backend, initialize it and returns mem. otherwise allocates a new block */
evcon_allocator* evcon_allocator_init(char *mem, size_t memsize,
void *user_data, evcon_alloc_cb alloc_cb, evcon_free_cb free_cb);
/* allows to change user_data */
void* evcon_allocator_get_data(evcon_allocator *allocator);
void evcon_allocator_set_data(evcon_allocator *allocator, void *user_data);